Enapps today launched the “Enapps eCommerce” commercial platform, which is a digital ordering platform that will provide an eCommerce site live synced hook up with Enapps ERP. This will allow Enapps customers to deliver an eCommerce digital ordering site that provides real-time on-line ordering directly synchronised with the ERP.

We are really excited about this initiative which has come about through demand from our own current customers who want to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve in our digital age. Buying behaviour is changing and being shaped by the experience we are having in our private lives and customers increasingly want to be able to order goods 24/7 whilst in the comfort of their own home/office or just sitting at their PC. eCommerce sites tend to add a new level of usability by being easier to use than ERP systems and by coupling the eCommerce functionality directly with the ERP, we are delivering the best of both worlds.

Features that this platform offers:
– Trade customers will be able to log on and view the catalogue of products with their own pricing
– Place orders and those orders will be automatically entered into Enapps through a live sync
– View backorders and back-order status
– Store favourite products
– Update your account and view and settle statements and invoices
– Order back parts
– If required, it is also possible to provide a retail capability which offers products to the public

Most eCommerce offerings keep a copy of a partial ERP database or only update periodically. This has the possibility of creating a ‘mismatch’ between the eCommerce database and the ERP database. This problem is completely eradicated using the Enapps eCommerce solution since both the eCommerce and the ERP are working from the same data.

Since most Enapps clients work very differently, we expect that there will be some relatively minor configuration or customisation around each eCommerce integration to directly reflect the local business model. As far as we are aware no other ERP vendor offers such tight integration with an eCommerce platform.