Security statement

Enapps takes data security and business continuity very seriously and aim to protect customer information, maintain confidentiality, and ensure customer trust in our systems and processes. 

Customer data Backups 

Enapps performs regular backups of Customer Data, which is hosted within the Linode data centre infrastructure in the nearest proximity to your geographic location. Customer Data that is backed up is retained redundantly across multiple availability zones and encrypted in transit and at rest using the Advanced Encryption Standard. 

Our backup servers are based in Switzerland, and we guarantee to carry out a full system restore within 4 working hours from the last daily backup. 

We also offer, at an extra charge, an option for full redundancy to allow us to restore from any point with no more than 1 minute of data loss. 

Service Continuity 

Within the hosting infrastructure for the Services to monitor server performance, data, and traffic load capacity within each availability zone and colocation data centre. If suboptimal server performance or overloaded capacity is detected on a server within an availability zone these tools increase the capacity or shift traffic to relieve strain. We are immediately notified in the event of any suboptimal server performance or overloaded capacity. 


Enapps has controls in place to ensure that staff are suitably vetted, signed up to our privacy and GDPR policy to ensure that your data is in safe hands. 

Third Party Supplier Management 

Enapps may use third party Suppliers to provide some Services. Enapps carries out a security risk-based assessment of prospective Suppliers before working with them to validate that they meet our security requirements; this is continually monitored. 

Access Controls 

Enapps employs a policy where access is restricted to those who require it for as long as required. We have layers of encryption and use 2FA for access to our develop and production systems.