Sales ERP Software Module

Enapps Sales module

The smooth and fluid ability to process sales orders is fundamental to any organisation. The fully integrated sales tracking ERP software module within the Enapps ERP system enables an organisation with powerful yet simple functionality to accurately and quickly process quotes, sales and orders. Both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) type transactions are supported as standard within the Enapps ERP software solution.

Sales ERP Module Benefits

Sales module key benefits

Our Sales module feature list includes...


Create customers and view summary information on any of the customer's activity mix, all from one place.

Contacts & addresses

Create multiple contacts, addresses & telephone numbers against the same company.

Customer categories

Create specific categories to better group customers and define a hierarchy.


Add products to quotations and send directly via e-mail from the system.

Quote revisions

Revise quotations, archiving older versions and instantly creating a new quote for editing.


Add any number of discount types or minimum margins to quotes and orders.


Configure complex promotions by product or product groups to run for a specific time or for specific customers.

Sales orders

Convert quotations to sales orders automatically generating invoices and delivery documents.

Sales order approval

Add managerial review and approval workflow of quotations with predefined values if required.

Sales workflow

Process quotation, to sales orders and automatically link to all other connected business processes.

Price lists

Configure price lists in multiple currencies for customers to provide default price adjustments.

Print & e-mail

Print or e-mail quotations and orders directly from the order screen and add notes if required.

Order lists

Easily view lists of quotations or orders grouped by any dimension or multiple dimensions.

Payment terms

We support standard, fully configurable and customised payment terms.

Sales analysis & reporting

Inbuilt dynamic reporting to analyse sales performance by any metric or dimension.


Definable RMA policies allowing personnel to be intuitively guided by the system.

Products & services

Define all products and services so the system treats them in the appropriate way.

Product categories

Define and segment product groups to home in on specific product details on any type of reporting.