A sage alternative for your manufacturing business

Need a Sage alternative? Enapps are experts in the manufacturing and engineering sector, offering a complete end-to-end ERP software solution.

Dedicated Manufacturing features

The Enapps ERP platform presents significant developments and practical dedicated features evolved alongside our many clients within these industries.

From product concept to sale, build to delivery, and finally invoicing, Enapps ERP is the lynchpin unifying your processes and delivering visibility across the business with a single point of data entry.

MRP2 (Material Requirements Planning)

Prioritising easy and fast management of sales & stock demand to guarantee increased productivity.
This advanced Enapps module uses BOMs (Bills of Materials) to inform pre-defined stock settings for min/max stock holdings, MOQs (minimum order quantities), supplier lead times and specialist parameters, to name a few. The ERP system can then identify all manufacturing orders and purchase orders required to satisfy demand and eliminate bottlenecks.

Batch tracking and traceability

Standardised within Enapps ERP, down to finished goods as well as individual components and very relevant to both discrete or process manufacturing. A business can rely on our unified system to produce real-time, accurate data, give visibility across the supply chain and store certificates and important records within an easily accessed integrated document management system.

Shop floor data capture

Ensuring the labour and machine time of every manufacturing order is accurately recorded and tracked, controlling costs and increasing time efficiency.

Product Configurator Module

Perfect for those businesses with complex or a large volume of BOMs or product variations. Our solution has proved vital for many SMEs looking to gain control, efficiency and ultimately time and cost savings. Read more on the significance of the Enapps Product Configurator module for sales teams in particular, including ‘Make to order’ and ‘Make to stock’ functionality.
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Whether complex or parameterised with formulas, we understand the effects that BOMs can have on the delivery of a project. That is why we have simplified our approach by giving information and control on aspects, such as subsequent routings so that growing businesses can benefit and complete vital bespoke set-ups without an issue.

Project manufacturing complexities
made easy with our projects module

When each order is part of a larger project or bespoke orders with complex routings, we can segment these into separate projects whilst aligning across all departments and within one system.

The Enapps Advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System)

WMS goes hand-in-hand with many of our manufacturing capabilities and extends the ease of operation for any SME looking to manage their business better. From purchasing requirements to batch picking, inventory management and location control, the Enapps WMS solution has much to offer.
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Chained Manufacturing

Controlled using a unified data-driven system, accounting for sequences and BOMs.

Visual scheduling and resource planning

Via both Kanban and calendars, this helps Enapps customers organise their tasks, workflow and staff with ease. Working with simple drag and drop functionality means potential schedule or stock conflicts can be managed quickly or completely avoided. Available resources can also be matched to manufacturing orders to optimise production capacity.

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Partners taking our ERP solutions to the next-level

Integration with Phocas

Data-driven decisions are key to an efficient, successful business. Implementing Enapps ERP unifies processes, giving data accuracy and overall visibility across all departments. Enapps selected data insight leader Phocas as the partner to provide Enapps customers with exceptional data visualisation, reporting and business intelligence.

Optimising inventory management

Inventory and supply chain control to combat changing demands and enable accurate forecasting, Slim 4’s integration with Enapps offers a complete platform for demand forecasting, planning and inventory optimisation. Attain market-leading levels of service and efficiency whilst reducing operational costs.

First-class outbound logistics

A customer-centric business, that needs to get its products to its customers as seamlessly as possible, needs a world-leading route optimisations software for best practice outbound logistics and that’s why Enapps partner with Onfleet.

Manufacturing ERP success stories

Our delivery on-time metric has gone from around 70% to 96% and it’s continuing to grow. Enapps have saved us a lot of time with product creation.

We’ve found that the simple analytics, the clarity on overall processes and the planning tools within the system have been beneficial in our manufacturing arm of the business.

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