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ERP consultation guide

Once you have identified a requirement for an ERP system there are a number of ways that you can proceed:

  1. Register your requirement on an ERP selection website and you will be contacted by a raft of ERP vendors
  2. Engage an ERP consultancy, who will then guide you through the process
  3. Call the ERP vendor or one of their implementation partnerships companies direct

The ERP vendors or consultant will then typically instigate an exploratory meeting designed to ascertain if there is a ‘good fit’ between the ERP vendors solution and your business. This is usually followed by a ‘proof of concept’ meeting and demonstration outlining a number of the key areas of your business which the ERP solution will need to cover and showing you exactly how this might work.

Once you have chosen your ERP vendor the project delivery methodology may differ between specific vendors, the following outline covers how Enapps deliver their projects.

Scoping the project

This entails an Enapps project manager spending between 5-10 days onsite learning exactly how your business works at an in-depth level. We will then deliver a technical scoping document that covers exactly what will be covered within the ERP implementation. This is then presented to your company and any changes are made and signed off by all concerned.

The implementation then begins, a typical implementation project plan may look something like this…

It is worth noting that for the project implementation to run smoothly and on time, there is a requirement for client staff to resource the project in certain areas. A typical overview of resourcing is outlined within the following table;

Project Phase Enapps Resource Client Resource
Scoping 1 Project Manager 1 Project Manager full time for the scoping period &
at least 1 Internal Stakeholder per department for
approximately 1 day each
ERP Implementation 2 Project Managers & 5 Developers 1 Project Manager (Internal PM and “Data Gatherer”
for approximately 16 hours per week) during the
project implementation phase
Data Migration 1 Developer Internal stakeholders to validate (8-20 hours)
Functionality Testing 2 Project Managers & 1 Tester At least one “go-to” person from all relevant
Go Live 2 Project Managers All relevant staff

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