How do I know if I need an ERP system?

“From experience, we have found that when a business has grown to around 10-20 people, internal systems tend to break down in one way or another.”

This is one of the most common ERP questions. Typically, you need the Enapps ERP solutions if one or more of the following issues are impacting on your business:

  1. Existing systems become clunky, or too many disparate, historic business systems which do not ‘talk to each other’ are being used.
  2. Business may be growing but existing systems are not able to cope with the increased workload or the complexity of the tasks at hand.
  3. As the business grows, data duplication, manual tasks and human errors are increasing.
  4. There are required business functions which would ideally be automated, but a solution which will deliver the automation in the way that you need cannot be found.

Core positioning of the Enapps ERP system means that we tend to get involved with businesses that are poised for their ‘next level’ of growth, although a great ERP implementation can be delivered no matter what stage the particular business is in. Initially, this tends to mean that Enapps has to consolidate a number of disparate systems which do not automatically ‘talk to each other’. From experience, we have found that when a business has grown to around 10-20 people, internal systems tend to break down in one way or another.

This can be due to a number of factors, but ultimately the same thing happens … the internal systems end up not working the way the business needs them to. We typically need to consolidate standalone systems which have historically delivered a ‘vertical piece’ of the business jigsaw.

For instance, standalone systems such as Sage 50 for finance or a best of breed CRM system like Act or Pipedrive, which may typically integrate (or not) with a standalone database such as Microsoft Access. There also tends to be a raft of manual systems such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and a plethora of files from ‘other software applications’ in most businesses we deal with. The Enapps remit is simply to consolidate all of these systems into a single, logical end-to-end bespoke ERP system which can grow with you as and when you need it to.

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Do I Need An ERP System

How will ERP make my life easier?

“The system can be expanded as your business expands. There is no downtime; due to the modularity of our system.”

The Enapps ERP solution will save you time and give you the confidence to rely on the data in the following areas:

  • An Enapps system allows you to work with a unified system architecture, which means that there is a single database holding all business information. This means no more moving data between systems, no more synchronisation issues and the complete confidence that all employees are always working with the very latest data.
  • The system can be expanded as the business expands. There is no downtime; due to the modularity of the Enapps system architecture, functional changes and system enhancements can be accommodated as you continue to work with the system.
  • Enapps can deliver virtually any specified automation task, by utilising the full-time experienced Enapps programming team.

Just some of the benefits of using Enapps ERP…

  • Improved control of processes
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Business wide reporting and decision making
  • Robust business analytical data
  • Eliminate ‘multiple versions of the truth’
  • Remove ‘islands of information’
  • Reduction or elimination of duplicated data
  • Reduced duplication of processes
  • Improved inter-departmental communication
  • Ensured smart and agile workflow cycle
  • Increased process flexibility
  • Decreased occurrences of human errors

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How To Choose ERP

Why should I choose Enapps ERP?

Enapps ERP Developers have the ability to grow with company requirements.
If the company is growing and the software for some reason needs to be changed, we will gladly meet your requirements and configure your implementation in line with the new requirements.
Best technology:
Enapps ERP Software has all necessary trending technologies and is constantly kept up-to-date without incurring client downtime.
Ongoing support:
Enapps support specialists provide full training and ongoing support. Full operator training is delivered through remote and on-site sessions, ensuring that employees are confident in using the software when the project goes live.
Experience and professionalism:
Enapps ERP Software Developers provide business solutions designed to meet specific business requirements. Enapps has an excellent team of specialists with a proven track record in business management consulting, bespoke software development, ERP implementation and project management.
Customer satisfaction:
Enapps are focused on establishing long term relationships with all clients and ensure to work with the business in implementing the perfect ERP solution that is right for the business.

Choose Enapps ERP and we guarantee …

  • Information sharing across departments, permanent and unobstructed access to information
  • Improved on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times
  • Reduced inventory costs resulting from better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements
  • Better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and delivery errors
  • Consolidated observation of sales, inventory and receivables, which improves the workflow and the efficiency of the company

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