Satisfy customer demand by delivering the buying experience online customers expect.

Whether the business is looking for a transactional Ecommerce website, or perhaps a first stage informational, catalogue style platform, Enapps can deliver a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution to best connect with customers online.

At Enapps, the modular, flexible approach means that we deliver the right system for the business now, with the power to grow the ERP system capability as the business grows. Customise the Enapps Ecommerce solution to meet the ever-changing needs of the client-base and stay one step ahead of the competitors.

erp system implementation

Reliably embedded within Enapps ERP

Enapps ERP delivers a unified management solution for the Ecommerce offering. From company profile and contact details, to payment terms, price lists and customer account information, Enapps ERP is the linchpin holding information and processes together.

Unlike other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) companies, Enapps do not use a third-party provider for Ecommerce. The Enapps Ecommerce solution is fully synced directly with the ERP system, so all data is sourced instantly from the same place, leaving no room for mismatched or delayed results.

One ERP system means one point of data-entry, ensuring reliable information is available across all departments within a company.

Enapps Ecommerce Solution key benefits

B2B Excellence

Although adaptable to any method of online selling, Enapps specialise in B2B and understand the nuances that selling from business-to-business entails, meaning Enapps can support a business with as simple or complex a platform as required. Enapps passionately believe that the experience the clients receive should excel for both B2B and B2C, mainly because that’s what customers now expect.

Enapps can start small

Many Enapps clients are SMEs entering digital commerce for the first time, we therefore understand the need to have an easy-to-use Ecommerce solution that works for the business and can grow alongside the requirements. Enapps can deliver an informational, product or service ordering site, or a full-scale Ecommerce website with both B2B and B2C capabilities.

Instant and accurate data

The Enapps Ecommerce solution is directly synchronised with the ERP, so when a customer places an order or inputs data, the changes are immediately accessible to the whole business. Similarly, team members from Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Warehouse, Procurement are all able to input role-specific information into the ERP, which is instantly reflected on the Ecommerce platform.

Quality user experience

What makes the Enapps solution so successful for clients is the ability to enhance and personalise the customer buying experience, for example serving the relevant price list (i.e. by rate or currency), location for store collection and up to date payment terms. The Enapps Ecommerce Solution gives clients the power to customise fields and processes to work the way you need, or to prioritise the customer UX (user-experience).

Customers expect instant access to products, orders, back orders, account information and more, 24/7 and from the comfort of home. When it comes to Ecommerce and order management, Enapps understands that the customer experience is paramount. The Enapps team work with you to create the most comfortable experience online for customers.

Our EnappsEcomm feature list includes

B2B evolving to B2C

Avoid paying for a second site with Enapps, by adding retail capability to the existing Ecommerce platform where consumer demand can be easily satisfied. New customers can create an account online via the website and instantly purchase at the standard price.

Individual pricing

For customer quotes, orders and purchases, Enapps can serve individual price lists per account, customer, location and more. With options for discounts and multi-currency, a personalised experience can be delivered to customers, which is easily controlled within the ERP system.

Order Management

Achieve operational excellence with orders across web, trade desks, POS, phone calls and more all centralised in one easy-to-access hub. Orders placed are instantly available on the ERP through a live sync, with all inventory instantly accessible and back orders visible, making order fulfilment reliable and simple.

Easy Payment Solutions

Enapps can offer the payment solution that works for the business. The Enapps preferred partner solution is Dojo (Payment Sense), who help SMEs, in particular, deliver a first-class experience for customers.

Product Control

Product assets and information are easily uploaded to the ERP and accessible to all relevant departments across a business, for easy management online. Images, PDFs, videos, manuals, guides and even 3D interactive animations can enrich the online customer experience with the associated brand and products.

Customer journey visibility

Sales and Marketing teams can take their understanding of the customer journey to a whole new level with Ecommerce. Behavioural data online, such as stored favourite products, buyer history or most popular add-on items for instance, allows actionable insights to be derived and the sales approach, targeting and marketing strategy to be determined through data-led decisions.

Be found online

Having product listed on a website, means the business brand becomes both discoverable and indexable from a digital point of view; in other words the business can appear in Google searches which is great for potential customers searching for products online.

Customer Relationship Management

New customers acquired through the Ecommerce platform are automatically populated into the CRM and available company-wide. The CRM manages TO DO tasks, allowing teams to follow up on new leads or activity and liaise with old and new customers with ease.

Value integrations

Enapps integrates with Google Maps to easily illustrate store locations and help merge the customer journey from online to in-store. In addition, images, logos, icons, PDFs and more can be conveniently hosted and controlled via OneDrive, so as not to overload the website.

Partners taking the Enapps ERP solution to the next-level

First-class outbound logistics

A customer-centric business, that needs to get its products to its customers as seamlessly as possible, needs a world-leading route optimisations software for best practice outbound logistics and that’s why Enapps partner with Onfleet.


Elevate marketing campaigns and client communications using the SharpSpring marketing automation platform, which integrates seamlessly with Enapps CRM.


A quicker, more efficient payment solution which is perfect for SMEs looking to deliver a first-class customer experience. Invoicing and purchase orders can be paid directly within the Enapps ERP system.