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Enapps Human Resources module

The Enapps Human Resources Software module has grown and continues to grow with direct client input. As standard, it supports all of the core HR software features such as employee and contractor records, certificates, qualifications, work patterns, expenses and fixed assets. Since all clients are different, most require a little configuration at implementation time within this area. The information stored within this module also drives our Project and MRP modules for workforce resourcing availability with regards to work patterns, sickness and holidays.

HR Software Benefits

Human Resources module key benefits

Our Human Resources module feature list includes...

Employee records

Keep all information on employees here, including personal data, qualifications and work patterns.


Keep a record of all company expenses, attached receipt scan and sign off via managerial workflow.

Annual leave

Book holiday, record sickness etc. and get sign off via managerial workflow.

Define workdays

Define the working year, with public or private company holidays included.

Fixed assets

Keep track of company fixed assets here, such as company cars, computer equipment and furniture etc.

Personnel skills data

The skills listed here drive other modules such as project and manufacturing with resourcing.