The Enapps ethos fundamentally supports growth and development. It is our pleasure to provide our highly valued customer community with world-class training and a suite of easily accessible, ongoing support services and tools.

From scoping with a new client to training and implementation, our commitment to delivering solutions and helping our client’s need to thrive is at the heart of our services. We’ll even support your business after the exciting go-live moment with refresher training, ongoing support and expert knowledge.

Training and User Acceptance Testing (UATs)

Before our team can make you an expert user of Enapps ERP, it is our job to scope your business meticulously to establish workflows, understand your needs and, importantly, develop a bespoke training plan that suits you.

We consider the time available, digital and technical ability, learning needs, workflow, team dynamics and much more to develop a personalised training plan for your business. Training sessions and schedules are created based on the company, department and individual user, where necessary and plans are shared, meaning a trainee always knows what is expected of them and can prepare.

“We have had additional top-up training and break-out sessions which have helped various members of the team. It is good that you have experts to bring in on training sessions to deal with some of the more specific and often technical aspects.”

Phil Donaldson, Advanced Labelling Solutions

A combination of training methods is available to suit each client, including live training, both face-to-face and online, as well as recorded sessions, videos and readily available documentation.

We ensure all users pass their UATs (User Acceptance Testing) confidently and provide the support and approach needed to make the journey to this milestone moment enjoyable.

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Ongoing support after you go live

Ongoing support is a huge part of what makes our business successful and feeds into two of our core values: long-term vision and commitment. We retain our customers because we dedicate our efforts to creating happy and efficient partnerships with clients, and these relationships can only be achieved through first-class service and support.

Once a client is live with new software, many might opt for refresher training. Initial onboarding of a new system can take time and involve a lot of information, so being able to revisit a topic is invaluable to maximise the use and understanding of the system.

Enapps academy

The jewel in the crown of our customer support and resource offering is our online learning portal: Enapps Academy. The platform is video-centric and available 24/7 to ensure maximum flexibility for our busy clients.

Our customers love using this platform for instant access to demos and training sessions on certain features and modules, which can be consumed at their own pace and at a time that suits them. We invest a lot of time and resources into updating this content, delivering a wealth of material and information to maintain this Enapps knowledge nucleus.

Enapps Academy goes one step further for our clients by allowing users to create bespoke workflows and videos personalised to the system and processes of their associated company. This online learning portal is not just a robust training resource but a crucial part of any client’s business. It can also save companies time and considerable effort.

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Client Support Packages

We also offer client support packages to those needing dedicated assistance outside of our standard inclusive service. Clients can select the level of support best suited to their requirements and adapt as they grow.


Three support users are covered, including a dedicated project manager on-site one day per month and ten hours from the Enapps team for consultation, training and scoping.


Five support users are covered, including a dedicated project manager on-site two days per month and 15 hours from the Enapps team for consultation, training and scoping.


Eight plus support users are covered, including a dedicated project manager on-site three days per month and all-inclusive time from the Enapps team for consultation, training and scoping.

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