The Enapps team are proud to announce the official launch of Enapps Academy

Enapps’ new online learning portal, Enapps Academy, is not just a nice-to-have ERP training feature. Instead, Enapps Academy is an essential ERP learning resource that supports our valued customer network.

At Enapps, we understand how busy our clients are. Our dedicated live ERP training and support sessions are programmed to fit around a business, a department and even an individual platform user. This approach is special and unusual in the ERP world, where standardised training programmes are the norm.

However, our expert in-house team have pioneered Enapps Academy to take our client’s learning resource to the next level. The new Academy online hub is integrated straight into the Enapps ERP system and is available to all platform users 24/7.

CEO Vadim Chobanu remarks, “Now, more than ever, employees are empowered to work flexibly, which means information and resources we provide must be easily accessible, from any device, whenever a client wants, and this new learning environment enables exactly that.”

The portal is video-centric to achieve proven results with positive information retention while giving maximum control to our customers. Everyone learns differently and having the power to absorb content visually, as many times as needed to understand the system or topic thoroughly, is a top priority. This system has already achieved great results through testing.

ERP Training Manager Yulia Kemp confirms, “It is of the utmost importance to us all to have happy, confident system users. Many of our clients are already accessing Enapps Academy and are benefiting from the wealth of videos and content already uploaded.”

erp training

The Enapps Academy library covers topics from ‘System Intro’, which involves ERP interface and navigation, to specific modules such as Sales, Manufacturing, Projects and more. A notable convenience is the ability to select relevant content so a client can focus on topics they want to prioritise.

The platform can even be personalised to a company by providing dedicated content using bespoke videos and workflows. Enapps understand that, just as no two individuals are the same, no two companies are the same either. Our team know that if preferences and nuances can be accounted for then an enriched, more successful learning programme can be followed, saving a company valuable time — especially for new employees.

Part of Enapps’ commitment to customers is to provide ongoing knowledge, training and support. With this in mind, the Enapps Academy platform will exist very much as a live resource, being fed continually with fresh content, video tutorials and development news.

It also serves to educate the new employees of a business, as well as long-term users, that want to learn about what is new or refresh their knowledge on a particular module. Whatever the reason, the Enapps team takes pride in delivering first-class support at all stages of the learning journey.

This nucleus of Enapps knowledge really is the jewel in the crown of our learning and support suite. It offers our customer community the dynamic and relevant resources needed to thrive using our Enapps ERP system.