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Your business may fall directly into one of the other categories which we have outlined, but it is more likely to use functionality from a number of them. Since our system is completely flexible, we can deliver any mixture of functionalities from these business types along with catering for any custom workflows you may require.

Enapps modular ERP

Our modular ERP solution allows your company to select as many or as few functionalities in order to create a flexible system that best suits your requirements. Putting a modular system in place means a business is not forced to purchase functionalities that they do not require.

An Enapps ERP implementation connects all processes in your company within a unified application. This includes Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Accounting, Business Intelligence and more. Seamless integration is crucial and allows all departments to work collaboratively with the most up-to-date information in a format that is relevant to each discipline. It also means that information does not have to be rekeyed in different systems which invariably introduces human error.

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An ERP module for every need...

ERP project success stories

JSM Brand Exposure

An ERP system was implemented for a promotional merchandise producer which fully integrated their multitude of internal systems.

Joseph Giles

We implemented a customised ERP for an exclusive door, window and cabinet hardware manufacturer which completely unified their business systems.

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