ERP Document Management System

Enapps Document Management System module

The Enapps Document Management System allows drag and drop attachments supported in a ‘Windows Explorer-like’ hierarchy which is then configured to automatically move along with the desired workflow. The Advanced DMS Software further enhances this module by integrating directly with OneDrive or SharePoint with two-way synchronisation. Note that most ERP systems do not supply an integrated DMS and clients may end up paying for a third-party add-on which increases costs and potentially compromises the unified system architecture.

Document Management System Icon

Document Management System module key benefits

Our Document Management System module feature list includes...

Attach documents to the ERP

Drag and drop or directly e-mail attachments to almost anywhere within the ERP.

Microsoft OneDrive

Optional link with OneDrive along with all the functionality it offers such as file access and versioning.


The OneDrive integration also allows Office365 documents to be in-ERP previewed and edited.

Two-way synchronisation

Edit an ERP document in OneDrive and the change will automatically happen on the ERP and vice versa.

Workflow configuration

Add or discard certain documents depending upon where you are within the predefined workflow.


The OneDrive integration opens up the possibility of in-depth file searching via Windows explorer.