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Enapps prides itself with supplying a great ERP implementation for any business along with all of the associated services which go hand in hand with a particular implementation. Once Enapps have scoped the project, the client will receive a fully costed breakdown of software, scoping, consultancy, data migration and training, along with all other costs. This post-scoping price is also the price for which we deliver the implementation, so you will not see the project price increase unless you ask for something completely new to be added to the ERP implementation post scoping.

ERP Services Scoping


The goal of the Enapps project scoping phase is to define the new ERP framework within a document. The document encompasses all of the current processes along with the newly required functionality for the ERP implementation. Typical stages for the scoping process follows;

  • Review current processes on existing systems
  • Definition of the new functionality and required system workflows
  • Outline of the ERP system reporting requirements
Data Migration in ERP Software

Data migration

This is a ‘paid for’ service which consists of migrating an agreed ‘data set’ of existing data into the new Enapps ERP system. This is an important part of the implementation since it gives the business the ability to ‘hit the ground running’ when first using the new ERP system.

The Enapps Sage ‘line by line’ data Migration is a testament to the skills Enapps have gleaned within this area, since we have not come across any other company that offers this particular service.

ERP Support

ERP support

Once the ERP implementation is complete, the Enapps maintenance and support services kick in immediately to ensure a healthy and ever-evolving ERP solution. The system maintenance which is already completely covered within your ‘software usage fee’ provides unlimited bug fixes along with technical and functional enhancements to your system.

The only thing which needs to be paid for in the future is support and pro-active changes and enhancements  that the business wants to make to the system. Enapps will quote you for this work on a ‘per project’ basis and are extremely competitive with the services we offer within this area.

ERP Business Intelligence

Business intelligence reporting

This functionality is built-in to the Enapps ERP system. On-Screen reports can quickly be graphed in a number of ways, operator definable dashboards can easily be set up to reflect their particular discipline and distributed to other relevant operators. KPIs can be set up to graphically deliver on any system metric.

For SMEs wanting to introduce advanced reporting, forecasts and analytics, we are proud to partner with industry leader Phocas. Click here to find out more about Phocas.

ERP Integrations

ERP integrations

There may be products which SMEs want to use, which fall outside the general remit of an ERP. This is where Enapps look to integrate either with a client’s existing application or tightly integrate with a ‘best of breed’ solution offering in their respective areas. Since SMEs tend to be budget conscience, the two main pieces of criteria we look for when integrating with a third-party product are price and performance.

In-system integrations
Enapps already provides a large number of in-ERP modules as standard which many competitors do not. Such as WMS, DMS and Project modules, to name just a few. If these modules are required by a client, who does not choose Enapps, they will potentially have to use budget-busting third-party products to fill the gaps within the ERP.

Third-party partnerships
We have successfully integrated with an automated marketing provider, financial forecasting provider and an eCommerce provider and the list is growing. If the business has existing applications within these areas, we can surely integrate with them, however, if  not, there is the option of taking on any number of these integration products as an optional part of your ERP implementation.

ERP System Development

ERP development

Our unique level of flexibility sets Enapps apart in the ERP marketplace, providing Enapps clients with an individualised ERP implementation without the implied support overhead. The Enapps powerful and flexible framework virtually eliminates downtime during upgrades or updates. The highly modular nature of the framework enables the core underlying code to remain stable during any modification process. We strive toward a long-term rewarding relationship with our clients thus enabling us to re-evaluate and continuously develop the system as the market changes and new opportunities arise.

Enapps ERP Implementation

ERP implementation

The Enapps implementation services comprise of the work which needs to be completed for the scoping, project management, configuration, agile consultancy, training, requirement specification, report writing, migration and development for the system. It does not matter which kind of business; business processes will change at some point after implementing the new Enapps ERP solution. When this happens, simply ask us to scope and quote for the required changes, and we will deliver an extremely competitive rate for our work.

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