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At Enapps we understand the complexities of running a manufacturing business. With multiple moving parts, intricate processes and varying factors all of which can impact on your profitability and performance. It’s a sector where the need for a single integrated system that understands and connects every step of your process becomes even more relevant. The Enapps ERP software system enables seamless collaboration, automates manual and repetitive processes and replaces the myriad of disparate systems that can leave your business open to inefficiencies, mistakes and lost revenue.

The challenges faced

Many manufacturing businesses face challenges when planning their production and responding to customers where there are complex processes to consider. It isn’t just a question of seeing what stock is available; it is also about the current capacity of the factory and machines. The impact of one order on another is key to being able to fulfil customer and sales demands.

With ERP you can integrate all departments:

Do I Need An ERP System

One unified solution

A single system gives you the opportunity to see your business at 360 degrees. A single system, a single database, and a single version of the truth from receipt of an order through to shipment and delivery.

Whether your business is manufacture to order, manufacture to stock, or process manufacturing, we can address your needs. With an integrated WMS (Warehouse Management System) from Enapps, the total process can be addressed in one unified system.

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Partners taking our ERP solutions to the next-level

Integration with Phocas

Data-driven decisions are key to an efficient, successful business. Implementing Enapps ERP unifies processes, giving data accuracy and overall visibility across all departments. We selected data insight leader Phocas as our partner to provide our customers with exceptional data visualisation, reporting and business intelligence.

Optimising inventory management

Inventory and supply chain control to combat changing demands and enable accurate forecasting, Slim 4’s integration with Enapps offers a complete platform for demand forecasting, planning and inventory optimisation. Attain market-leading levels of service and efficiency whilst reducing operational costs.

First-class outbound logistics

A customer-centric business, that needs to get its products to its customers as seamlessly as possible, needs a world-leading route optimisations software for best practice outbound logistics and that’s why Enapps partner with Onfleet.

Manufacturing ERP success stories

Our delivery on-time metric has gone from around 70% to 96% and it’s continuing to grow. Enapps have saved us a lot of time with product creation.

We’ve found that the simple analytics, the clarity on overall processes and the planning tools within the system have been beneficial in our manufacturing arm of the business.

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