An Enapps’ end-to-end ERP system provides an all-in-one Project Management solution

A unified, company-wide view and simple, easy-to-access information are fundamental to achieving visibility and control for our clients. This is just one of the many benefits of having Project Management software embedded within a broader ERP system.

An elegant all-in-one solution

Our fully integrated Project management module allows you to keep track of complex projects seamlessly from within the ERP system.

Enapps’ Project Management solution key benefits:

  • Easy collaboration to suit flexible working, with access to essential tools, such as OneDrive, Sharepoint and Microsoft Projects
  • Flexibility for projects, with individual tasks and work-block visibility, through to overall long-term project management
  • Instant visibility on who is working on a project and exactly what has been completed
  • Easy to monitor financial progress
  • Tracked project progress using Gantt charts to display activities against time
  • Easy-to-use and customisable ‘drag and drop’ resource and capacity planning
  • Organise and prioritise your project workflow
  • WIP (work in progress) Transfer run function, so transactions can be moved from one project or task to another
  • Automatically generate projects from sales orders whilst simultaneously generating purchase orders
  • Create project templates
  • Resource scheduling (staff, equipment or any other project resource)
  • Track profitability

The Enapps system captures transactions and automatically logs data within the system intelligence, so reporting, analytics and forecasting are accurate and easily available. Plus stock and labour costs are tracked alongside the WIP (work in progress) revenue producing reliable balance sheets along with ‘real world’ revenue recognition within your P&L.

“The challenge we found with other systems is they didn’t offer the complete package, which for us needed to include good CRM functions, project accounting and managing projects properly through work blocks. We also have a manufacturing side of the business which required upgrading and Enapps was the system that offered everything.”

Murray Johnston, Logic Bespoke

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One unified solution

Whether your business deals with complex or simple projects, one system enables easy planning, budgeting, resourcing, reporting and so much more. Project Management involves many departments within a business, from Accounting, Sales, Manufacturing and HR, but with Enapps ERP system, information can be shared and accessed with ease.

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Achieve project management excellence with Data and Reporting leaders Phocas

Integration with Phocas

Data-driven decisions are key to an efficient, successful business. Implementing the Enapps ERP system unifies processes, giving data accuracy and overall visibility across all departments. We selected data insight leader Phocas as our partner to provide our customers with exceptional data visualisation, reporting and business intelligence.

ERP project success stories

Eightspace Group

We implemented Enapps ERP for this growing project based furniture and interiors group of companies to enable the growth and scalability of the business.

JSM Brand Exposure

An ERP system was implemented for a promotional merchandise producer which fully integrated their multitude of internal systems.

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