Enapps Manufacturing ERP Systems

Enapps Manufacturing module

Enapps supply a flexible manufacturing ERP software module that natively supports most SME requirements. Routing and shop floor data capture via barcode scanning of jobs along with ‘make to order’ and ‘make to stock’ functionality are all supported as standard. The manufacturing module can also be configured to work with the project’s module supporting ‘project manufacturing’ which is used for manufacturing a bespoke product that has complex routings and where each Manufacturing Order is part of a larger project.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing module key benefits

Looking for a Sage Manufacturing alternative?

Our Manufacturing module feature list includes ...

Shop floor data capture

Capture the start and stop times for specific jobs, so productivity can be calculated.


Drag and drop resources such as machines and people to the appropriate tasks.


Effectively manage sales and stock demand by fully utilising the system BOMs.

Batch tracking

This is standard within our system, all components and finished goods are fully traceable.

Bill of materials

Complex BOM makeup is supported as standard and this includes BOMs with formulas.

Chained manufacturing

When a manufacturing process needs to be completed in a certain order along with other criteria.