Business Intelligence Software Systems

Enapps Business Intelligence module

The Enapps Business Intelligence Software ERP module consists of a number of visual tools which enhance the operators use of the ERP system by providing visual data pointers to the most important metrics for their particular discipline. System dashboards can be built using graphs, Kanban’s, Gantt charts, maps and KPIs. The Enapps numerical callout functionality also helps within this area by designating a numerical value against a saved system favourite. All of this functionality comes together to deliver a mixture of relevant data visuals which can be user configured for any job function.

BI ERP Software Benefits

Business Intelligence module key benefits

Our Business Intelligence module feature list includes ...

Graphical representation

List views within the system can be viewed via the Enapps system built-in visuals such as Bar, Funnel or Map.


Create and share multiple custom dashboards which can be operator built for each discipline.


Create a system favourite which has a real time numerical value attached to it such as the number of outstanding ToDo items.

On-screen reporting

Create instant on-screen reports filtered by any number of dimensions.

In-System Pivot Tables

Use in-system ERP data to create a real-time pivot table similar to Excel.

External BI

If required, link to an external BI tool provider to maintain your current BI reporting look and feel.