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2021 marked our 10-year anniversary and a remarkable moment of achievement to proudly offer an innovative software platform able to compete with ERP industry legacy giants in terms of capability.

Enapps excel in bespoke
solutions, as well as customer
training and support.

Our team members are passionate and have enthusiasm, which I am proud to say is often remarked upon by customers. When you have happy staff and a product that is truly believed in, it has incredible results.

Vadim Chobanu - Founder and CEO

A global team

The Enapps team today commands years of ERP experience, with over 50 staff strategically placed across the UK, Warsaw, L’viv, Hungary, Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand. New offices were established in Auckland and Brisbane in Q2 2022, thus launching Enapps as a challenger ERP provider on a global scale.

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Our values

A set of core values have helped forge the Enapps ethos, which fundamentally supports growth and development for staff and also our highly valued customer community. It is both our people and our customers that help refine the Enapps solution to be the best in market.

Long-term vision

Enapps understand the key to successful growth is strengthening and challenging what you have, before evolving via a controlled and deliberate growth strategy. Perpetually investing time and money into R&D, system upgrades, implementing customer feedback and testing new technologies, means the Enapps solution continues to go from strength to strength, as do our clients.


People are the essential ingredient to our business and working together in a meaningful way, with true partnerships, is what guarantees our staff and our clients are heard and therefore happy. We also collaborate with a suite of partners to create solutions with hand-selected technology leaders in dedicated areas of business.


An ERP implementation with Enapps is a long-term investment for both our customers and ourselves, akin to a marriage in many ways. The software and the relationship will undoubtedly encounter challenges along the way as business and markets change constantly, however we are a solutions-orientated team who strive to always deliver excellent customer service, support and knowledge.


We promote #ERPinnovators because to push the boundaries of software development and ERP ability is at the heart of what we do – in fact our founder’s LinkedIn status declares, ‘Lives and breathes ERP’, which is the same for many of our team! We are proud to employ phenomenal talent, who constantly champion new and better ways of working, from how our software is configured and platforms built, to how systems are scoped for and then implemented.

Our offering

From industry areas such as manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, project-based businesses, Ecommerce and so much more, we thrive on making our ERP technology perform exactly as you need for your business to excel.

The Enapps team commands years of ERP experience and software excellence to proudly offer sophisticated, but easy-to-use solutions for Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Distributing, Project Management, HR, Accounting, Ecommerce, Product Configurator and more.

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So what does it take to be a great ERP provider?

A passion to see your business grow

We’re as excited about your future potential as you are and we’re behind you every step of the way with an ERP that will pave the way to you achieving all of your business goals.

The patience and skill to see it through

Your business is unique and so should your ERP be, we’ll take the time it needs to understand your goals, your business and your worries to ensure your ERP journey is a success.

The talent to deliver guaranteed results

When it comes to ‘geek factor’ we’ve got enough talent to reach the moon and back. Our team has a proven track record in developing an delivering ERP system that deliver real results.

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