ERP Purchasing and Warehouse Software

Enapps Purchasing & Warehousing module

If a business deals with any type of physical product, then warehouse management is likely to be an essential part of any day to day activities. At Enapps, we believe that this function within an organisation should be supported without compromise. The Enapps Warehouse Management ERP Software module provides best practice WMS functionality that has been developed by us to provide every requirement that a warehouse needs and is completely integrated with Sales, Purchase Order Processing and Finance in real-time. This module manages all of the core aspects of warehousing and stock control including, stock locations, warehouse mapping, stock takes, deliveries and transfers along with QA.

Warehouse & Purchasing ERP

Purchasing & Warehousing module key benefits

Our Purchasing & Warehousing module feature list includes...

Requests for quotation (RFQ)

Prepare draft purchase orders to be sent or e-mailed to suppliers requesting quotations.

Purchase order (PO)

Convert request for quotations into purchase orders which generates the required invoices and delivery documents.

Purchasing workflow

Process request for quotation, to purchase orders and auto-link to the other connected business processes.

Print & e-mail

Print or e-mail quotations and orders directly from the order screen and add notes if required.

Direct delivery & drop shipments

As standard, we support suppliers delivering directly to your customers.

Procurement scheduler

Automatically generate purchase orders based on minimum stock rules and current stock levels.

Purchase run

Purchase management uses this function to fulfil required purchasing based on sales demand.

Purchase analysis

Dynamic real time reporting to analyse what is purchased by all relevant metrics.

Purchase administration

Fully manage all of the purchasing price lists including associated product MOQ & lead times.

Deliveries in

Receive products into stock which is driven directly from purchase orders.

Deliveries out

Deliver out goods which are sold through sales orders.

Stock transfers

Transfer stock between locations in the warehouse or to another warehouse.


Fully manage returns and RMA's as part of the system.


Create and define any number of warehouses which link to the locations used to process goods in and out.


Create and define any number of locations within the warehouse structure.


Define physical sub-locations within a warehouse or plan specific product rows, racks & shelves.

Minimum stock rules

Define minimum stock levels which can be auto-replenished with draft purchase orders if real stock quantities drop below the minimum defined quantities.

Inventory scanning

Optional wireless barcode scanning functionality can be enabled using Zebra Android devices.