ERP Product Configuration

Enapps Product Configurator module

Businesses today can be extremely complex and varied especially in the area of products and product varieties. Something as simple as a chair can have any number of attributes such as material finish, colour, size, weight and height. The list can seem endless for some products. If a business is struggling with too many BOM’s or products, and estimating is becoming more difficult than it should be, then Enapps have an elegant ERP Software solution for you within this area, the Enapps Product Configurator!

ERP Systems Configuration

Product Configurator module key benefits

Our Product Configurator module feature list includes...

Complex estimation

If products have multiple variables, this module will make the initial estimation much faster.

Deskills complex specifications

A configurator will only allow chosen items within a specification which naturally fits together.

Speeds up quotations

Copy previously used complex estimations and make the required minor changes to speed up quotations.

For products and services

It is not just for products, services along with their associated variables can also be included.

Quickly customise offerings

When you have the top-level quotation, it is very quick and easy to make slight variations.

Driven by 'Excel-like' formulas

Each configurator is built for a specific purpose and is very similar to Excel to program.