Our ERP system is built around your needs, so why would our training approach be any different?

As training manager at Enapps, my role is all about finding the best ways to inspire and support ERP users while driving performance. I acknowledge that the way the team and I deliver training, support and service to Enapps’ customers is special. It’s one of the reasons we have such successful ERP system implementations and long-term partnerships with our clients.

The Enapps’ philosophy regarding ERP Software training embraces three core ideas:

1. You get out what you put in.

2. Everyone is different.

3. You never stop learning!

With these in mind, it’s no surprise that Enapps’ commitment is not to deliver standardised training, as most ERP systems providers do, but to tailor bespoke plans. The Enapps training programme can be personalised to the company, department and individual ERP user.

erp training

Considerations like learning ability, time, demands, digital awareness and much more are factored into individualised programmes. Recipients are supported to know what is expected of them so they can prepare.

“(Enapps have) been very responsive and patient with us. We have had additional top-up training and break-out sessions, which have helped various members of the team. It is good that you have various experts to bring in on training sessions to deal with some of the more specific and often technical aspects.” — Client testimonial, Phil Donaldson at Advanced Labelling Solutions 


So far, 2022 has seen the Enapps team experience an abundance of UATs. UAT means User Acceptance Testing, which is the last step in a software development process. This step is when the system is tested for use but it is also the stage when users are tested to ensure they are ready for ‘go-live’.

A UAT is a milestone in a customer’s learning journey and is a moment of pride for our clients and the Enapps team. Months of training and hard work are acknowledged as both people and technology are appraised and the exciting moment for software go-live finally arrives.

Of course, our training and support journey with a client is ongoing, with refresher training an important practice. In addition to our live training, our clients have access to The Enapps Academy: a sophisticated video-centric online training and knowledge portal and the crown jewel in our multi-touchpoint training and support suite.

Having a video-first platform accessible to all team members at any time is the kind of support our customers need, and we are proud to deliver industry-leading resources.


As a training manager at Enapps, my role is not just to deliver product knowledge but to ensure confident, capable users of the system. To guarantee this, we know it takes effort and time from both sides, and our team is passionate about making this an enjoyable and rewarding learning journey.