Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are the pillar of economies worldwide, driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth. SMEs also face numerous challenges across all business areas where ERP vendors, such as Enapps, can help to improve their systems and workflows. Enapps help SMEs to gain greater operational rigour by adopting a leading and proven ERP solution which is continuously being innovated. With the consistent evolving business landscape in the ERP world, AI is an emerging tool to adopt and use for best business practises to help further empower SMEs.

With this in mind, Enapps has introduced the use of AI within calls and meetings which will help to streamline communications, along with systemising the call information. 3CX VoIP software has been designed for businesses of all sizes and when using 3CX version 20, companies are given even more flexibility with regards to the integration of calls and data. Enapps has grasped and adopted this opportunity early by developing a native 3CX-Enapps ERP feature, embedding AI ‘voice to text’ technology to produce a seamless sales tool within the ERP. This feature allows AI to process the calls, transcribe them, segment them into topics/headings and provide the recommended actions to take from the call directly within the ERP (CRM). This AI feature has only recently been introduced within Enapps and has already proven to be a highly efficient method of logging calls and data. We will be rolling this feature out with immediate effect across our client base and this will quickly become a native feature within Enapps ERP.

The GDPR initiative has been crucial for ensuring privacy and security, and has also been adopted for AI-assisted ERP. With the introduction of new AI technologies, there’s a growing concern about how data is utilised. Here at Enapps, we prioritise data protection and compliance while harnessing the power of AI. Our commitment to GDPR compliance ensures that your data is handled responsibly and ethically. To learn more about our data compliance practices and how they meet with AI usage, please book in a call with our team.

At Enapps, we do everything we can to help empower SMEs, and the adoption of AI will significantly aid us in these efforts in a safe and secure way.

In conclusion, AI is paving the way on how we can modernise and transform the way ERP systems communicate with their customers. With this successful first step into adopting AI into communication, this leads the way to utilising AI into other areas of the business to empower SMEs in a safe way.

If you are interested in finding out more about AI and how Enapps makes use of it, then get in touch.


Written by James Van Huyssteen