ERP systems are integral to streamlining your business and keeping all departments connected. By implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, SMEs have the tools to gain complete access to every part of their business, such as finance, manufacturing, CRM, HR, FSM and more, all within one system. This makes any part of your business easily accessible by employees with the appropriate credentials.

Enapps will work with you throughout your entire ERP project, providing pre and post-ERP implementation services. This will ensure that you not only get the right solution but also a cost-effective solution. Enapps are accustomed to helping clients identify their essential requirements and consider their preferences. This blog details Enapps’ process of implementing your ERP system and delivering all the tools to get a great Return on Investment (ROI).

Project Scoping

The first part of the project is the ‘deep-dive’ scoping exercise of your business. This entails having an Enapps project manager along with a number of product specialists delving into your business to learn exactly how your company works and then coming up with a workflow for each part of the business to follow within the ERP system. This process usually takes between 5-10 days. The number of days can change based on the size of the business and the resulting overall project size in terms of the number of ERP modules and the amount of customisation & configuration required.

This Enapps service consists of a mixture of on/off-site and internal briefing sessions, ultimately leading to the delivery of the ERP System Scoping document. This document covers precisely what will be delivered within this phase of the ERP implementation and, for this reason, must be digested, agreed upon, and signed off by the client before the implementation can begin.

Unlike many other ERP vendors, we provide a fixed ERP implementation fee. Why is this important to you? If you are not entirely happy with the deliverables and scope outlined within the scoping document, you can halt. This ensures that the emphasis is on Enapps to deliver as per the project’s requirements. We proceed with the implementation only once clients are satisfied with the scope. Clients are billed monthly via a mutually agreed timescale, which allows for better cash flow and budgeting purposes.

From day one, Enapps will work to your timescales, building out and planning to ensure we meet your desired Go-Live date and outline the steps involved to make this happen.

ERP Contracts

Enapps puts our clients’ success ahead of ours; this is evident in the commercial agreement. Enapps does not lock you into an annual contract. Instead, Enapps utilises a rolling monthly contract, similar to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone contract. This model gives our clients true flexibility to manage their licences and users’ costs effectively, with the freedom to increase and decrease users each month as opposed to only being able to reduce licence volumes annually.

A rolling monthly contract means that you entirely control the users of your ERP system, and owning the source software and all associated data for your specific ERP implementation means that you cannot be held to ransom for your own data at any time. This ownership also means you have complete security over your system, and access to it cannot be restricted – your data is always safe because you are in complete control.

At Enapps, we will do everything in our power to continue our legacy of 100% successful ERP implementations by ensuring that all new clients are successfully implemented.


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Written by Ron Martin