SMEs can take pay-by-link, card payment and customer experience to the next level with Enapps’ preferred partner Dojo.


When Enapps select specialist software to partner with, the performance, reputation and functionality is of course of huge importance in terms of what the technology can enable our clients to do. However, of real significance to us is also what is happening next?

Dojo, a sub-company of the long-established and renowned Payment Sense, are growing rapidly, with a clear plan to keep pushing boundaries and adding features, which prioritise customer experience.

Empowering SMEs

Like Enapps, they are innovators and want to take a traditional solution and evolve it. They also empower SMEs, so of course, are the perfect partner to integrate with Enapps’ ERP solution.

Dojo work to offer small businesses the level of service usually only experienced by those with the bigger budgets who can afford premium services. One example is next-day transfers, so SMEs who take money at physical locations can receive those funds the next day without paying additional fees for the privilege. This kind of practical help really enables a growing SME and is exactly the mind-set we share at Enapps.

An increasing number of our customers are prioritising Ecommerce and adapting to deliver a multi-touchpoint experience. With Dojo embedded directly into the Enapps ERP platform, our clients, as well as their customers, are able to enjoy faster, quicker payment solutions, online as well as face to face.

Useful features

The game-changing pay-by-link feature, which is available with various payment solution providers, has been optimised to be faster and better with Dojo. Invoicing and purchase orders can be paid instantly and efficiently within the Enapps system, including directly from an Ecommerce platform, without the delay of a user being redirected to external sites to complete payment.

Dojo offers unrivalled capability under one company, making this a very powerful tool. We are very excited with our partnership, ensuring our Enapps SME client community can access the best technology on the market, at a competitive price, to support and excel their business.

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