Come and visit us at the Smart Factory Expo, Stand G5 at the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool, 16th & 17th November.


Enapps are thrilled to be attending Smart Factory Expo, part of Digital Manufacturing Week, at what can honestly be described as a giant playground for the latest in technology and digital to help boost and support the manufacturing industry.

Enapps ERP is a business management software solution, which has evolved and scaled alongside our many clients within the engineering and manufacturing industries. The core benefit of having an end-to-end ERP software system, as opposed to stand-alone industry specific software, is a business achieves a unified approach. Efficiencies, simplicity, access, reporting and cost-saving are much more achievable as a result and SMEs are therefore empowered.

Manufacturing rarely stands alone

It is the case for many of our clients, that manufacturing is one arm of the business and is actually accompanied by other areas, such as warehousing, supply chain management, Ecommerce as a few examples. Quite commonly a business may also run projects and need the capability of a project management software as well. Often there is also the need for fundamental business management software, such as Accounting, CRM, Sales, Purchasing and HR, which when bought under one system, eliminates duplication and allows for clear forecasting control and reporting. Enapps ERP is the unifying solution.


Manufacturing Dedicated Functionality

The Enapps team enjoy manufacturing clients especially, as the advanced features and functionality the system has to offer for this industry specifically, can make a phenomenal difference:

MRP2 (Material Requirements Planning)

Batch tracking and traceability

Shop floor data capture

Product Configurator Module


Project Manufacturing and complex routings

Advanced Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

Ecommerce / Ordering platform

Visual scheduling and resource planning

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WMS (Warehouse Management System)

One area of expertise, critical to many manufacturing businesses, is Warehouse Management. Enapps is proud to offer not just a warehouse software solution with essential barcode scanning, but advanced functionality such as:

  • Rolling stock-take
  • Replenishment
  • Multi-site
  • Mobile-printing
  • Stock adjustments from routings
  • Shop floor data capture
  • Traceability
  • Much more…

It is unusual for an ERP to have an integrated WMS, however seeing the critical role Warehousing plays with many businesses, especially in Manufacturing, means Enapps have prioritised this feature and module.

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We have experience providing Ecommerce solutions to our customer community, delivering exactly the platform they need and in some cases evolving the solution as the business evolves.

For instance one client wanted a basic catalogue site to show options online and to be discoverable to new clients on Google. Later in the year the customer decided they were ready to sell online also and so we advanced the solution and provided a full Ecommerce website. Some clients have B2B and B2C requirements, which Enapps can also deliver with ease.

It is essential manufacturing businesses have an online presence, whether transactional, for ordering or just for viewing purposes, as customers expect to find businesses online. Having an Enapps Ecommerce solution embedded within the wider ERP system ensures direct, instant control and visibility across departments, from Warehouse to Sales to Finance.

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Come and see us at Stand G5

At Enapps we understand the complexities involved with running a manufacturing business and how simplicity can be achieved when Sales, Finance, Warehousing and Manufacturing connect flawlessly, through an agile, trusted, all-in-one platform. Please visit us on stand G5 in the Digital Transformation zone and we can chat BOMs, rolling-stocktakes, SFDC, batch tracking, Ecommerce and more.