Wonder what the hot questions in ERP are for SMEs right now? We can tell you…

We speak with our clients regularly, discussing their business and evolving needs, as well as engaging with new clients, which gives our team first-hand insight into what matters for SMEs right now and what are they looking for from an ERP system to help create efficiencies, unify and automate business processes and support growth. Here are some of the questions the Enapps team have heard frequently this year…

1. Are we too small for ERP?

You may be too small to require a full end-to-end ERP system, but many SMEs are able to begin the journey and benefit from an ERP implementation. Being software authors with a modular ERP system, Enapps can support starting with a simple solution and core functionality to help drive your next stage of growth, then add features and modules as you scale. It’s all in your control. We can also share news on government initiatives and schemes that support digital investment or digital transformation for SMEs.

2. Do you do Ecommerce?

The top question this year, driven entirely by customer demand to purchase online. Yes we absolutely do and have helped many of our existing customers, either by migrating and therefore centralising their Ecommerce directly into their Enapps ERP, or by aiding the transition to being or selling online for the first time.

For SMEs selling online can be daunting and it can be more manageable to start with a simple informational or catalogue site, so product can be viewed, engaged with or reserved online. The next step being to evolve this platform to being fully Ecommerce or transactional.

Being online brings the huge benefit of your business and product being found (ranked) online via Google searches, so new customers can discover you, your product and/or service.

Although catering for any method of online selling, we specialise in B2B and the nuances and customisation work that is crucial to performing online, with the same high level experience an account, or customer, would have in-store.

3. Can you integrate with Outlook?

Yes. We recognise Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint are fundamental business platforms, especially in the age of hybrid working and the need for an easily accessible and holistic company-wide view and reach. Our 2-way sync between Microsoft Office 365 and your ERP platform enables Calendar and Email integration crucial for all businesses today. Email can be received and sent in any part of the system, then backed up and recorded against a contact. Our Calendar integration provides control and visibility over your agenda, so you can track tasks, share client contact insights with colleagues and manage deadlines with ease.

4. We already have a CRM, what are the benefits of using yours?

Customer Relationship Management is essential for, and impacts, every aspect of your business, therefore having a CRM which is integrated within your ERP means all members of your company are directly aware of these relationships, be they new leads or long-standing customers.

Using a stand-alone CRM traditionally enables customer access for only two departments (Sales and Marketing) who filter and share data to other departments and management. With an Enapps ERP platform the CRM and its To-Do list, relationship management and activity workflows, will benefit all your team, company-wide. The Enapps CRM is also often cited as a fundamental platform feature by our customers, who love to have ‘everything in one place’.

5. Our business is very complex in terms of multiple products and components, how does your software cope with this?

We have a diverse range of clients in the likes of Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution and everyone has its own needs and challenges. Years of software developments to solve what is critical to our clients in these type of industries, means our product and component related solutions are a major strength.

Enapps advanced Product Configurator, as well as the Product Parameters module, which permits conditional results, ensures we have the tools to empower our clients with as diverse and complex a solution, or as simple a framework, as necessary.

Be assured our ERP implementation experts will delve into your business to ensure your ERP solution accommodates the processes and workflows important to you and even the most complex product and component matrix is able to become simple, efficient and easily managed across departments.


Be informed

To ensure a successful ERP implementation and to get the most from this investment into your business, being well informed is essential. Our team of ERP consultants are happy to answer emails, have a zoom or meet face-to-face for as short, or as long a session as you require during your research stage.

We encourage these interactions, not only for a clear understanding of what is possible with an ERP system, but also so you can get to know us, the people behind the software, too.


Get in touch and ask us your questions! Call 020 8090 9222 or email [email protected] today.