When asked this October if I would attend the itSHOWCASE ERP exhibition in London, to demonstrate and discuss features within our ERP, I jumped at the chance.

Being a Project Manager at Enapps, my day-to-day remit covers an ERP implementation once a business has confirmed they want a software solution and have selected Enapps as the winning partner. It is then my priority to ensure this process to deliver our ERP is as smooth as possible and on-time. Experiencing the pre-sales stage was a very different dynamic, with visitors approaching us with a mix of uncertainty, curiosity and in some cases intense challenging questions, which I loved!

It was a real pleasure to play a role in helping answer people’s questions, from, ‘what actually is an ERP?’, to queries regarding specific system capabilities. I am aware not everyone was able to make it to the show as planned, so to help those still in the deliberation stage, here are a few of the questions I received on the day, along with the answers…

What is an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables business process management that unifies your systems and software into one single platform. An ERP system merges processes and departments, involving one point of data-entry with real-time information that can be accessed by all team members. Enapps ERP is software that can be on-premise or cloud-based and is modular, meaning you create the system you need for your business.

Can the ERP software be used on various devices?

Simply, yes it can. The software performs across desktop, laptops, tablet and mobile, it just needs Chrome to perform at its best for portable devices. Many of the companies we serve manage data simultaneously across many devices, so, for instance, a Sales Exec could input a Sales Order on desktop in their HO, which can be instantly processed and available for a Warehouse Manager to see as a picking list on a tablet.

I have thousands of products with varying combinations, can the system handle this and how can it help manage this better for us?

Many of our clients have high numbers of product and complexities within component choices, so we are very experienced within this area and have invested much time into creating the Enapps Product Configurator and Parameters module. Enapps ensures all variations of products and BOMs are accessible, whilst maintaining a simplified and easy-to-manage system. The Product Configurator and Parameters supports clear, controlled pricing, which makes estimating and sales a seamless process and saves you time and money. This is a really popular module with our customers.

How long does it take to implement an Enapps ERP system?

It usually takes between 4-8 months to implement our ERP system as we focus on SME businesses. This length of time is also directly influenced by the level of contribution that the client is willing to make. Generally, most of our clients have implemented their systems within 6 months.

Can the CRM system help us manage our leads?

Yes, Enapps CRM has been designed to manage contacts in whichever way you would like, be it Leads, Prospects, Customers, Suppliers etc, with fields built as you require to help categorise and manage these contacts. The Marketing automation platform, SharpSpring can be included and is fully integrated to our CRM, allowing for advanced marketing capabilities and is very lead focused. Email automation, social campaigns and scheduling, overall reporting and analysis are just some of the many features available.

These are just a few of the really great questions visitors had – I hope the answers were useful. It is incredible the amount of pressure business owners and decision-makers carry to make the right choice of ERP partner. A new ERP system is a huge investment of time, finance and man-power (and I’ll be here at Enapps to help with the process when the time comes!), but whilst in the decision making, research stage I really recommend speaking to us and letting us answer the questions you have.

From the recent London show, I can see how crucial this stage is, as every business has different issues and complexities and by the end of a short conversation with me or one of the team, a simple, clear understanding of what is possible can be achieved and decisions can be made.

Try these resources for fundamental information to help in your consideration process:

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We are at the itSHOWCASE in Bristol on Tuesday 30th November and Birmingham on Wednesday 1st December, tickets are free online, so please come and see the Enapps team, throw your questions our way and let us help explain how our ERP software and enthusiastic team can help your business grow.

If you would like to book an appointment to see us at itSHOWCASE, call our team today on 020 8090 9222 or click here to contact us.