The Enapps CRM system integrates seamlessly with SharpSpring, offering our clients flexible, affordable and powerful marketing automation.

At the beginning of each year, our clients assign a budget to online advertising and lead generation to drive new leads and inflate pipelines. The likes of PPC campaigns, social display ads, email campaigns and other marketing activities are in full throttle and return on investment is key. A powerful CRM and marketing platform is crucial to track ROI and animate the business story.

To provide a high level of insight into our clients’ campaigns (past, present and future), we selected market leader SharpSpring as the perfect partner to integrate with the Enapps platform. SharpSpring is a tool built to nourish lead conversion and has many capabilities that will benefit our customers in an easy to access and straightforward way.

Below we have outlined a step-by-step scenario to illustrate the benefits of integrating your CRM with the SharpSpring marketing automation platform.


Marketing scenario: Running a PPC campaign (Google Ads)


Campaign preparation

Your Enapps ERP system can provide your business with instant access to stock availability, as well as customer buying history and behaviour, from which you can develop prospect lists and segmented data, target personas, product selection and more.

Collecting leads

An informed PPC campaign is launched on Google, resulting in engaged prospects completing an online form. These leads are then logged instantly as a contact in SharpSpring and automatically included in your Enapps CRM.

ERP system

Meaningful campaign attribution and ROI

Immediately, marketing teams can gather performance metrics for these PPC campaigns using Google Ads, which can be pulled through to the SharpSpring platform for easy analytics access. However, using a marketing automation platform embedded in your CRM means the campaign performance does not stop there. Some leads might convert straightaway (customers might make a purchase, book a demo, download an e-book, call), but they are more likely to become added to your email database to be nurtured long-term.

Access the full customer journey

SharpSpring enables you to track the life of that lead every time they visit your website, open an email, watch a video or engage with your brand. That one single point of customer data entry from the PPC campaign form-fill now gives a business insight into that new lead for the entire customer lifespan. The reality of a modern customer journey is multiple touchpoints as they engage with your brand at different times. However, these values are now tracked via SharpSpring and visible in your CRM.

SharpSpring ERP

Use your Enapps CRM and SharpSpring to drive your customer funnel and increase conversions

It could be that you arrange for the initial form-fill from your PPC campaign to trigger an email marketing workflow on SharpSpring relevant to that new lead — perhaps by industry or job role even. Alternatively, sales teams can be alerted when a lead re-engages after a period of no interaction and can reconnect with a personalised message straight from SharpSpring using a pre-defined email template.

These are just two of many actions now possible to secure lead conversion due to your marketing and sales teams’ visibility.

With an advanced tool like SharpSpring embedded in your CRM, your business becomes empowered to see the whole story to attribute realistically between marketing and sales activities. This integrated ERP software also helps to optimise conversion rates better and understand the return on investment to a deeper level.

What better way to manage sales conversion and marketing activities than having a marketing automation platform integrated directly into your CRM? This system is just one of the ways an Enapps ERP can help your business grow. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.