Enapps celebrates this business milestone with company managing director Vadim Chobanu by looking back at how Enapps has grown into an SME leader for ERP solutions and revealing the exciting plans that lay ahead.

Q: Happy 10th anniversary! Only one-third of companies make it to the 10-year marker. You must be thrilled with this business achievement!

Vadim: Thank you! Yes, very happy to reach the 10-year milestone. The past decade has been a monumental journey of research, development, growth and planning to arrive where we are now. It’s an accomplishment I proudly share with the whole Enapps team, and it has been an incredible journey so far.

Q: You launched Enapps after recognising a gap in the software industry for an ERP provider that could unify processes and mould systems around customers. Are you happy Enapps successfully solves this need?

Vadim: Definitely. Having worked with SMEs all these years, I know the pain points businesses have as well as the capabilities within ERP software to easily solve these issues. It was clear to me there were shortfalls and I knew they could be rectified. The beauty of Enapps is that it’s one database and one solution, offering a single version of the truth, which is rare. It is our highly valued client community that has helped refine our solutions to be the best in the market.

Q: What makes Enapps ‘special’ in your opinion?

Vadim: The performance of the software and its capabilities are endless, but what is really special is the people. Our teams in Ukraine and the UK are passionate and have enthusiasm, which I am proud to say is often remarked upon by customers. When you have happy staff and a product that is truly believed in, it has incredible results. Globally, 60 to 80% of ERP implementations fail, but with Enapps we have only seen success.


Q: Are there any highlights from the last ten years?

Vadim: Winning projects against some dominant industry names. Our sales team do an amazing job sharing exactly what our ERP can achieve and to win the selection and be recognised for the right reasons is always a brilliant moment for us. Another would be watching businesses achieve growth enabled by our system. It feels good to share in their success and we really cherish these kinds of long-term relationships.

Q: What does the future hold for ERP and Enapps?

Vadim: This is only the beginning for Enapps. Our roadmap for the next ten years has a clear path to double – if not triple – our operations year on year to see the business transform and flourish into a Global ERP platform and brand. We are enhancing the UI, prioritising sophisticated integrations with strategic partnerships and customising brand-new bespoke workflows currently unavailable to existing ERP systems. Business complexities have been accelerated by the global pandemic. To thrive, ERP software needs to be robust, yet agile enough to meet client needs. This is where Enapps excels, ensuring we continue to guarantee success for our company and our clients.

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