Live virtual webinar — 5th April at 11 am hosted by Enapps ERP and Phocas Software

Make 2022 the year to master your data

We are very excited to be teaming up with our partner Phocas to offer a free 30-minute live webinar to reveal how businesses can achieve significant growth using their own data.

Often, when a business is looking to implement an ERP like Enapps, they aim to streamline processes, unify their systems and enable growth. A feature-rich platform like Enapps is the core of this digital transformation, but when advanced with Phocas BI (Business Intelligence) software, the results are very powerful.

In this webinar, we will not only introduce the fundamentals in terms of visualising data, reporting and forecasting but will touch upon the following crucial benefits:

  • Inventory and stock analysis to reveal actionable insights
  • Clear, visible sales data to unlock new business opportunities and grow margins and revenue
  • How to master your financial data to drive business success
  • Team efficiency with all users being able to quickly and easily source their own reports and data
  • Rationalising purchasing behaviour via analytics focused on supplier performance

Webinar hosts Sean, from Phocas, and Yulia, from Enapps, have teamed together for many clients, building the Phocas solution perfectly into the Enapps ERP and enabling those businesses to unlock and visualise their data to take reporting and analysis to the next level.

Discover what Phocas and Enapps could do for your business at our live webinar on the 5th of April 2022 at 11 am.