Is your business lean? Talk to the ERP experts.

Our ERP expert consultant Amber, based in New Zealand, offers insight into the interesting notion of applying the ‘lean’ methodology to optimise your business.

I have been working with ERP programmes for many years, and the thing I find most exciting about that is working with businesses to change their systems and processes to make them more efficient and, in doing so, reducing the waste that is adding no value to their customers.

In recent years, I discovered and became fascinated by the concept of ‘lean’ and ‘continuous improvement’ methodologies, which reinforce this fundamental business best practice.

Lean is normally referred to in a manufacturing sense, but it can be applied anywhere, anytime. In a business sense, it means getting rid of any system, process or workload that doesn’t add value to your customer or end user. If a system, process or work task does not add value to your customer or end user, it is deemed a “waste” and should be removed or reduced from your business.

It sounds so simple, but from years of experience, I can verify that nearly every business has these inefficiencies. Installing a new ERP system is a real opportunity to take a step back and ask “Does that process really need to run like that?” or “Are we using that process in that way because that’s the way we have always run it?”

An ERP implementation is a big part of a business’s transformation (not just digitally but process-wise) and takes an investment of time, money and willpower to be successful. By applying the concept of making your business ‘lean’, it means you gain not only a revolutionised business propelled by your Enapps ERP system but a customer-centric, streamlined approach to controlled business workflow and processes long-term.

Myself in New Zealand, or any of our team of ERP experts worldwide, are always available for a chat about how an Enapps ERP system can help your business. Just get in touch.