Open banking has arrived at Enapps!

Enapps now offers a seamlessly integrated Open Banking Module.

Put simply, connecting to your business bank accounts for live transaction reconcilement is now an integral part of your finance team’s needs!

In response to that, Enapps has teamed up with ‘Safe Connect’ to automatically connect to your financial accounts (such as your high street bank account) within Enapps through our Linked Accounts feature, saving you the time and hassle of juggling multiple apps, screens, and login credentials. For us, visibility over all your accounts is just the beginning.

The Enapps Open Banking Module will automatically download your connected bank account transactions 4x per day and can manually be retrieved by clicking refresh.

We are launching this for all mainstream UK business banks and selected European banks in Q2 2021.

Enapps looks forward to connecting its customers to Open Banking, streamlining your finance team’s process.

If you are interested in this or any other Enapps functionality, call our team today on 020 8090 9222